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sentinel conservatory roof replacement system

Sentinel is the first conservatory
replacement roof system in the UK
designed using timber kits.


Not everyone who is considering an extension to provide ground floor living space necessarily wants a conventionally glazed conservatory roof.

Traditional glass or polycarbonate glazed conservatories are relatively inefficient at retaining heat on cold days and are often considered expensive to heat.

Conversly they can also be prone to excessive heat build up on hot days, especially in sunny aspects of south facing locations - The Sentinel Roof is the solution.


  • Sleek trims and cappings
  • a range of tile colours and styles available
  • Perfect for new-build or replacement roofs
  • Roof pitches as low as 15 degrees
  • Can be installed by window and conservatory fitters with the minimal of advanced training and assistance
  • Waterproof in 2 hours from eaves beam installation
  • Ventilated roof


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